Outsourcing Services



Hire Cyan Digital House as your next software outsourcing partner and let them handle large-scale development for you. Streamline your software development process with the help of our expert IT staff, which is available and ready to begin working on your project right away.

The process of contracting other businesses, frequently situated in various geographic zones, to develop solutions is known as web development and mobile application outsourcing services. It enables the customer to either fully outsource the development of the tech solution to a third party or combine an external and internal team, utilizing resources and expertise to develop software applications or other digital solutions, either fully or partially, while concentrating on their core business operations.

What is Software Development Outsourcing?

A technique known as software outsourcing services involves the process of employing third-party organizations, which are often situated in various geographical regions, to build software solutions. The client can fully delegate the development of the technological solution to the third party, or they can combine an outsourced team with an internal team in order to leverage expertise and resources to develop software applications or other digital solutions, either partially or entirely, while concentrating on their core business activities.

When does software Development Outsourcing Work Best?
1- Delegate the complete scope of the work to obtain a superior solution.

We can direct you through the entirety of the SDLC, which includes every stage of software development from start to end. Our account and project managers will provide you with regular reports on our progress, customizing each feature to meet your specific needs. 

2- To focus on your primary business activity when resources are limited,

If you're stuck between developing custom software and focusing on business, Devox can handle the initial step with care. Like your in-house team, we will create a totally tailored program that meets all business needs and prioritizes security.

3- Smart spending and infrastructure cost reduction are your goals.

Outsourcing eliminates the need to hire, shape, and offer a stable workload for tech personnel and invest in additional office space, equipment, and infrastructure for in-house development teams. It decreases infrastructure and personnel costs, saving you money for business growth.

4- Get access to the latest technologies

A modern and relevant tech stack is used. Our technical specialists are also trained and updated. We hold monthly knowledge-sharing and tech briefings to update the staff on development trends.

5- If you’re experiencing time-to-market pressure

A development company that is outsourced to can assist in accelerating the development cycle. By combining your internal capabilities with those of Devox, you can form a dedicated or augmented team that utilizes parallel development to achieve product completion more quickly. Alternatively, if you are short on full-time staff, you can hire additional specialists as required.