CDH-RS Reporting System

CDH-RS Reporting system is a business intelligence tool that provides our clients with a visual and interactive reports in seconds.

Our clients can compile all the tasks, files, and discussions in one workspace; they can visualize plans on the Timeline, get real-time updates on work progress, and create custom reports to track results.

Cyan reporting system (CDH-RS) is considered to be a complete corporate performance management solution with reporting, analysis and dashboard. It is the perfect tool for any business data warehouse and any business that needs to have an eye on the entire business in one place.

CDH-RS is best for Enterprise and mid-market companies that need to deploy information extensively within their organizations.

CDH-RS is an end-to-end data and analytics platform, it will help our clients delivering actionable analytics for every user.

CDH-RS supports more users, more use cases, and more data as it helps our clients to scale in every way. This reporting system provides our clients with mobility reporting as they can use all its features on their smartphone with the companion app.

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