CDH-PS Planner System

Our CDH-PS Planner is a project management tool that can manage complex projects confidently and accurately. It can Schedule entire teams and equipment with just one click, live track your project’s progress, and control your costs for better profits. Once your project is underway, monitor its progress in real-time with a complete project overview. Or take advantage of Gantt charts for a visual overview of your project.

CDH-RS Reporting System

Reporting is a business intelligence tool that provides you with visual and interactive reports in seconds. You can centralize all your tasks, files, and discussions in one workspace, visualize your plans on the Timeline, get real-time updates on work progress, and create custom reports to track results.

CDH-CMS Content Management System

Do you want to run a website with lots of content that you need to update now and then? Or maybe a good shopping site? What you need is a high-quality, well-managed, and organized content management system (CMS), and this is what CDH-CMS specializes in! To better manage content practically and efficiently, countless websites and online stores are taking advantage of CMS systems so that they can focus their time and energy on their products or sales instead.

CDH-BS Hotels Booking System

The beauty of being ‘cloud based’ is that you can operate CDH-BS from any internet connected computer anywhere in the world 24 x 7.

CDH-BS resides in the cloud so there is no software to install. You are simply a user name and password away from running your business anywhere in the world at any time.


Our eCommerce is very stable. It can get you up and running with your eCommerce store with minimal effort and investment.

Some eCommerce features like Multiple store management, Multiple vendor management, and multiple warehouse management are differentiators compared to other eCommerce platforms. The product management feature is also quite robust and easy to use for first-time users who are handling merchandising of the products for the company. Discounts and Coupons engine provided by nopCommerce is quite feature-rich. In addition, it is capable of handling varied scenarios that any typical eCommerce company would have thought of The best part of eCommerce is its continuously growing and supportive community, making it worth investing your time and money to set up an eCommerce platform.

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