CDH-PS Planner System

Our CDH-PS planner system will help our clients manage complex projects easily and efficiently. With the CDH-PS planner system our clients can dedicate their time to what really matters: project management and decision-making.

This planner system enables our clients to share their planning processes in real time. Our clients team will have access to all needed info regardless of time zones; project owners can create custom alerts and be notified of potential delays before they impact the project in any way.

As a client you can establish planning with ease and assign tasks to your team; our clients may also integrate a Microsoft Project. The planner system automatically notifies your employees of each new task or schedule change.

This system will help our clients visualize their project in GANTT format, calendar or interactive dashboards. The progress of the project is updated in real time to allow our clients to make accurate and timely decisions. Our clients will be able to use this system off-office as they can enjoy all the benefits of this system on their smartphones with the companion app.

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