CDH-BS Hotels Booking System

This system is a ‘cloud based’ system that our clients can operate from any internet connected device anywhere in the world 24/7;
CDH-BS resides in a cloud so there is no software to install; once our clients create users within the cloud they can manage their business anywhere in the world at any time.

By using CDH-BS as a booking system for your hotels, you will be able to:

  • Vary prices by booking lead time, duration, guest numbers/type and seasons.
  • Simultaneously offers variety of rates (ex. Nonrefundable, last minute, stay and pay, deals).
  • Identify several room types.
  • Expand/minimize room types.
  • Stop rooms booking with a click of a button.
  • Adjust and /or add base rates, additional guests’ rates and minimum nights to stay by clicking on a cell.
  • Control the displayed rooms availability.
  • View booking summery.
  • Review previous bookings.
  • Export guest lists.

CDH-BS is a one stop solution – a single login can manage any hotel booking availability, channel management, and CMS.

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