About Us

Cyan Digital House Company was founded in 2011.

We are a leading software company provider for tailor-made digital solutions for organizations within various industries. Innovation is at the heart of all the products Cyan develops; we create convenient, user – friendly, and interactive solutions for our clients; at Cyan We use the most advanced IT technologies to develop a state of the art solutions for our partners and clients.

Our Team

We are a cohesive, organized team; our IT experts and developers are dynamic and talented achievers. In addition, our team is result-oriented as they use programming languages, graphics, and analytics to create top-notch products.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading digital Solution company within the IT sector. We believe that our client's growth is our growth, so we commit to our client's business goals and transform those goals into unique digital solutions. We aim at creating reliable, innovative, and user-friendly digital solutions for our clients.

Our Mission

We meet our clients’ needs by going beyond software to provide the finest Web-based solutions that transform data into knowledge.

We enable our clients to meet their businesses goals by:

We are putting our clients in complete control of their digital transformation.

We enable our clients to achieve their targeted marketing growth and business revenue by optimizing their digital presence and businesses.

Executing innovative solutions.

We are simplifying technologies and amplifying possibilities by creating revenue-driven solutions.

We are developing tailored and reliable digital solutions to address each client’s unique position.

Cyan DH Working Process

The DSDM Development process

Dynamic Software Development Method (DSDM) is based on Rapid Application Development (RAD) and is aligned to the Agile Framework. DSDM focuses on frequent product delivery, involving users actively and empowering the teams to make quick decisions.

Extreme Programming (XP) Methodology

eXtreme Programming is customer-centric and focuses on constantly changing requirements. With frequent releases and customer feedback, the end-product will be of quality and meeting customer requirements made more transparent during the process.

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